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Hi there! My name is Maddie Ullestad and this is my first blog post for Hist 427: History of the Information Age. I am from Williamsburg, Va. I am a senior pursing degrees in History and Elementary Education. I am very excited to be taking this class. I am not particularly tech-savvy but I know that I have a lot to learn! Some of the 2014 advice from that class included not being afraid to ask for help. I tend to get overwhelmed with technology so I will definitely be asking some of my classmates and the DKC for help this semester.Going over the projects from past classes, one caught my eye. One titled “process and complications of using early American Newspapers to convey information” pertains to my 485 project. I am researching the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the newspaper coverage of the disaster. If I could incorporate my senior thesis project in this class, that would be so helpful! I am looking forward to the opportunities that this class holds!

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