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The reading on Francis Whiting Halsey’s “The Beginnings of Daily Journalism in New York” explores the transformation of the press. I think that it is interesting that newspapers as we know them now, used to be completely different. When one thinks of journalism, we think of daily news and the coverage of events. Newspaper in the 19th century consisted of basic information and advertisements. It wasn’t until the press became a business enterprise that daily reporting became popular. In order to sell more papers, the companies had to entice buyers with exciting news. The more news stories, the more papers were bought. Thus began our modern sense of newspapers. I am excited to hear what the class has to say on the reading tomorrow!

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  • Jasmine Alanis

    “…Newspapers as we know them now, used to be completely different,” How bizarre, right?! I made a similar comment on my post! I never would have assumed that journalism was born out of newspaper companies turning into business enterprises. I definitely thought that journalists and newspapers always coexisted at the same time.

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