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This week’s reading of Chapter 2 in Nation Transformed by Information: How Information Has Shaped the United States from Colonial Times to the Present. by Alfred D Chandler., and James W. Cortada, we learned about early information forms. I thought it was really interesting to see the dramatic change in literacy and information in the U.S. because of the American Revolution and founding father’s influence. Colonial America was very limited in terms of information. Most print materials were dedicated to religious topics and the law. The American Revolution fought for free speech and that is evident in the literacy spikes that the nation experienced during those years. I took a class about that time period and I think it’s fascinating to see how values and the “virtue of men” influence politics and our government structure. It was the responsibility of the citizen to be informed. It’s the government of the people and for the people and the access of information has only strengthened that notion.

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  • Maddie Shiflett

    I like your point that the access to information has increased the capability for Americans to remain informed. That has increased greatly as more and more technologies are added to our current communication infrastructure. It has gotten to the point now that there is so much information being shared at such a rapid pace that it is hard to filter all of it before it becomes irrelevant as more information is added. Determining truth in information has also grown more difficult.

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